Calmette International Hospital with foreign doctors begin trail operation

American expert Doctor John prepared to diagnose a Chinese kid. [Provided to InKunming]

Calmette International Hospital set a recreation are for children near children's wards.[Provided to InKunming]

[InKunming--Living in Kunming]  In the morning of October 14, Calmette International Hospital, also named The First People's Hospital of Kunming began its trial operation, and would do gratuitous treatments for patients in its first three trial operation days.

It is said that much creation has been added into operational mode of the hospital. Modern management and well medical technology are planned for the hospital. A team of foreign doctors also work in this hospital.

Calmette hospital is the biggest hospital in north area of Kunming, which is available to provide services to 800,000 people right now. It will cover 1.2 million people in future after it begins its official operation, according to deputy director of the hospital Zhao Yongheng.

One of the most attractive characteristics of the hospital is that in some diagnosis departments, for example the department of pediatrics, international management standard was introduced in.

The department of pediatrics in the hospital was totally managed by American experts, doctors, surnamed Sanford. Since foreign doctors work in this department, charges for diagnosis are a little higher than that of other diagnosis departments.

Surrounding environment of the pediatrics department is painted with yellow and orange colors. Some recreation facilities such as children’s slides and cockhorse were equipped outside of the pediatrics department. Several consulting rooms are set for the department, within which patients can sit and wait for doctors. American doctors will go into the consulting rooms one by one and give targeted diagnosis proposals to children in succession.

American doctors are accompanied by assistants and interpreters, so that there is no need to worry about communication problems in languages. For instance, Mr. John Dong is an American expert who plans to work in the hospital every day and has his own interpreter.

The Calmette International Hospital, also called the First People's Hospital of Kunming, was established in 1902 by French in Kunming in its history. Former location of the hospital is at No. 35, Xunjin Street, Kunming. Yunnan Affairs Office of French Foreign Ministry named the hospital "Calmette" in 1912. Until 1963, the hospital was officially changed its name to “The First People's Hospital of Kunming”.

Nowadays, the Calmette hospital has moved its location to north area of Kunming city, aiming to provide internationalized services to local residents. Coffee house, snack bar within the hospital and a food street around the hospital are intentionally designed.

The hospital, as a comprehensive hospital also containing internal medicine department, surgery department, gynecology department, etc., is predicted to officially operate 4 or 5 months later.

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