2014 Jianshui Confucius Cultural Festival kicked off

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[InKunming--Yunnan]  China Jianshui Confucius Cultural Festival 2014 officially kicked off in Jianshui County of Yunnan Province on September 28. Over 23,000 domestic and overseas tourists attended the opening ceremony on site, memorizing the 2,565thanniversaryof Confucius’ birth.

The opening ceremony began at 9:00 a.m. in Jianshui Confucian Temple. Before the ceremony, more than 2,500 guests, who stood in formation and formally dressed, had entered Jianshui Confucius Temple at 8:00 a.m. with a stalk of chrysanthemum in each one’s hand.

During the ceremony, 3 creative rituals were performed. Among them, the most remarkable one was poesy recitation with music. Performers read The Letter to Confucius along with classic and melodious music, highlighting the whole ceremony.

Participants are formally dressed during the opening ceremony of Jianshui Confucius Cultural Festival. [Provided to InKunming]

A foreign participant receives interview on site. [Provided to InKunming]

Another ritual ceremony was started after the opening ceremony. After reverently welcoming an icon of Confucius, all the participants made 3 bows to it. And then, participants conducted worship to Confucius and presented chrysanthemum to Confucius in sequence.

During this year’s ritual ceremony, Jianshui Confucius Temple was free for entrance to the public. Participants included local residents, non-local tourists and other Confucianism amateurs from all over the world.

Among 13 formations, a couple of foreigners caught a lot of attention. Daiber and his wife Gaier, who come from Germany, were invited to attend the ceremony. Daiber is a professor of Marburg Philip University in Germany and made deep research on Confucianism. “This is our first time to Jianshui County. I feel greatly honored to participate in the ceremony this year. The ceremonious ceremony is definitely a life-enhancing trip to us.” Daiber said.

This year, the ceremony not only normatively executed traditional rituals to commemorate the birthday of Confucius, but also gave full expression to solemnity, which was different from ceremonies held in previous years.

Jianshui Confucius Cultural Festival has been held continuously in Jianshui County for 10 years. However, the festival that is being held from September 27 to October 2 this year sees huge breakthrough and great innovation than ever before.

Besides the opening and ritual ceremony, other 6 series of activities will be presented during the Confucius Cultural Festival, which namely are purple pottery auction, gourmet food savoring street, bike riding race, painting and calligraphy creation on site, purple pottery exhibition, and activity about Three Tributes to Confucian.

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