South-east Asian students begin classes in Kunming

Hu Tianli is a student comes from Laos. She lives in the same dormitory with her older sister, who studies in the third year in a university in Kunming.[Provided to InKunming

To extend his visa extension, Ruan Yujun, a student from Hanoi of Vietnam, came back to the university one week before classes start.[Provided to InKunming  


Zhang Jincui, a 22-year-old girl from Myanmar, lives in a dormitory alone. She is so independent in her normal lives that she actually is not fear of living alone.[Provided to InKunming

Ruanshi Qing'e, a Vietnamese girl who is back to school very early this semester. She is not very accustomed to meals in university canteen, so she brings decades of Vietnamese noodles back to the school. [Provided to InKunming

[InKunming--Interviews & Polls]  September 1 is the school opening day for all students in Kunming. Not only Chinese students, but also overseas students from foreign countries such as from South-eastern Asian countries returned back to their schools.

To South-eastern Asian students who study in Kunming, the school opening day means more to them than the Chinese students, since they have to depart from their familiar hometowns and their beloved motherlands.

Yunnan is a preferential place for those overseas students especially for those who from South-eastern Asian and South Asian countries. In several universities in Yunnan Province, international student service organizations have been established.

Association of South-east Asian Nations (ASEAN) of Yunnan University of Finance was formally set up in 2014. The college is the only ASEAN college among 47 specialized universities of Finance in China. Kunming University of Science and Technology also founded a training center for talents of South-eastern Asian and South-Asian countries.

Yunnan Normal University has raised its reputation in Vietnam for years. The university has attracted lots of Vietnamese students to study in. Each year, series of overseas students will attend the university for study.

Most of these South-eastern Asian Countries' students agreed that Kunming is a nice place for them to study abroad. "The weather of Kunming is almost the same as that of our hometown. The city is very near to my country." They would always say like this when they were asked the reason why they chose to learn here.

And to some of them, they are not only to study in the city, but also hope to work in Kunming after graduation. In their eyes, the city is modernized and will surely provide good job opportunities to them. They like lives in Kunming.

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