Torch Festival approaches, splendid performances to be held in Kunming

Bull fighting is a traditional activity of Yi people to celebrate the torch festival. [Provided to InKunming]

Yi people with hundreds of tourists celebrated the torch festival by together attending the campfire party in Jiaozi snow mountain district in 2012. [Provided to InKunming]

[InKunming--Kunming]  Yi people's Torch Festival will fall on July 20 this week. The annual festival, which has attracted hundreds of tourists and travelers in past years will be celebrated in many places in or around Kunming this year. Shilin County, Luquan County, Dongchuan County, Tangdian and Jiaozi snow mountain districts, and Yunnan Nationalities Village Park of Dianchi Lake Tourist Resort District will organize kinds of celebration activities during the festival.

Shilin County (Stone Forest)

2014 Torch Festival Celebration Carnival is to be held from July 14 to 20 in Stone Forest, Shilin County.

Yi people's traditional activities such as wrestling, bull fighting, playing big sanxian(three-stringed Chinese guitar), and singing folk songs will be presented to tourists.

Meanwhile, Yi people's nationality dresses, lace embroidery works will also be shown in the county.

Painting and calligraphy art expo, stone exhibition, antique art exhibition, and special product merchandising street will be organized in No. 1 Yi People Village, Ashima Tourist Town and Wumiao Area of Chenggu Building in Shilin County, too.

A well-known dish from Shilin County, Lamb Soup Pot, will be cooked in No. 1 Yi People Village for tourists every day during the festival carnival.

Besides, an original song and dance evening party Ashima's Secret Place, releasing Kongming lanterns, watching Ashima series movies will be arranged in the county.

Luquan County

From July 19 to 21, Luquan County will conduct series of activities to celebrate the torch festival.

The county will hold an opening ceremony and a campfire party in the evening of July 19 at first. In later days, activities such as bull fighting, cock fighting, swinging, and displays of ancient Bimo culture (毕摩祈福) will be shown to audiences in succession.

Luquan people like watching bull fighting performance very much. Tourists may see a great occasion about the performance in the locality, with large scale and crowded site.

Tangdian and Jiaozi snow mountain districts

From July 19 to August 2, the 4th tourism festival will be organized in Tangdian and Jiaozi snow mountain districts.

Delicious foods containing bean curd feast, potato feast, rainbow trout fish, roast whole lamb, clear soup of beef or mutton, cured beef, Saba ham(撒坝火腿), and wild fungi will be served for tourists within the festival.

Yunnan Nationalities Village Park

From July 10, Yunnan Nationalities Village Park will start varieties of activities for 1o days.

Wonderful performances like sacrificial fire lighting, Yunnan nationalities' parade, playing jumps with fire, sheep fighting will be displayed to feast tourists’ eyes.

Boys and girls of Yunnan nationalities in the park will wear beautiful festival costumes during the festival, and welcome each tourist by giving a fire torch. Each tourist who comes to celebrate the torch festival in the park can take part in a grand parade that is held within by holding the fire torch.

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