New tourism bus route to connect five parks in Kunming

A new tour bus route, No. 249, is to be launched in Kunming on New Year's Day, connecting five scenic spots in northern urban area of the city. The five parks are the Kunming Botanical Garden, Heilongtan Park, Kunming Jade City, Yunnan Wildlife Park, and Kunming World Horticulture Exposition Garden.

Among them, Kunming Jade City is a jade culture themed leisure park providing sightseeing and shopping for visitors.

Travel Tips:

The one-way length of the new route is about 24 kilometers. Buses depart in every 30 minutes in usual, and in every 20 minutes during the rush hours.

Ticket Price: 2 yuan for one. IC cards are all available.

Service time: from 6:30 am to 7:00 pm.

Stops: Kunming Jade City(starting station), Intersection of Shiguan Village(石关村), South Huayugou(花鱼沟), Kunming Botanical Garden, Kangfu Hospital, Heilongtan Park, Yunnan Agricultural University, Xiaokang Avenue, Xingfujiayuan Housing Estate, Intersection of Beijing Road, Longtou Village(龙头村), Northern Passenger Terminal, Intersection of Kunqu Road (昆曲路), Yunnan Wildlife Park, Qingshuihe Village(清水河村), Middle of Fengyuan Road(沣源路), Bojin Avenue(铂金大道), Expo Garden Hotel, Kunming World Horti-Expo Garden, Bailong Temple(白龙寺), Haodu Furniture Mall, Shizha Overpass, Tanhua Temple(昙华寺), Jinma Overpass(outbound), Intersection of Xinying Road(inbound), Yan’an Hospital(inbound), Dongjiawan(terminal station)

No. 249 bus route is to be the third tour bus route in Kunming. The other two tour routes are A1, which connects Kunming World Horti-Expo Garden with Yunnan Ethnic Minorities' Village, and No. 235, which connects Yunnan Wildlife Park with Cuihu Park.

Besides, NO. 241 bus route also connects the Yunnan Wildlife Park and the Xiaocaiyuan Overpass in Kunming.

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