CCTV lauds 8 Yunnan's rural teachers as "the noblest teachers" in China

September 10 is Chinese Teacher's Day. An awards ceremony to honor rural teachers will be held in Beijing through a CCTV program tonight(in the evening of September 10).

8 Yunnan’s rural teachers will be lauded the title of "the noblest rural teachers in China" in the TV program. Other 11 rural teachers all around China will also be awarded the title.

Ji Siniu, who has worked in a special education school(怒江特殊教育学校) at Lushui County of Yunnan Province for 16 years, is one of the awarded Yunnan's rural teachers. She voluntarily teaches deaf-mute children there. Ji not only helps them to study rudimentary knowledges, but also teaches them to learn basic living skills. With her diligent teaching, some of those kids even got chances to study in universities.

Another 7 rural teachers from Yunnan province who will be honored in the CCTV program tonight are all from Huize County. All of them were born in 1980s' and decided to give up good opportunities to work in urban cities. Several years ago, they chose to work as teachers by themselves and organized a team to teach various subjects in Longjiacun Primary Shool(龙家村小学). Because of their great contribution to the local, they are praised as "Seven Kind Brothers and Sisters of Huize County".

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    (Editors: Cathy Chen, Tracy)

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