Helicopter flight from Mangshi to Ruili opened

The Sikorsky S-92A helicopter flies from Mangshi to Ruili. [yunnan.cn]

The  Sikorsky S-92A helicopter parks on the Mangshi airport.[yunnan.cn]

A Sikorsky S-92A helicopter took off from Mangshi airport, leaving for Ruili on the afternoon of August 27. The flight, taking around 20 minutes, was launched by Ruili Jingcheng Helicopters Management Co.,Ltds.

Besides the airline, the company may establish other direct airlines soon among Ruili, Mangshi, Tengchong, Baoshan, etc. that are hot investment destinations in Yunnan and treated as frontier markets for the policy of Yunnan, the gateway to South-eastern and Southern Asia.

Cun Yongming, a deputy leader in operation department of the Mangshi airport, said: "We take responsibility for maintaining sky safety in the airport. Passengers taking helicopter could feel at ease at any time since we monitor the airport with electronic equipment in 24 hours."

Cun pointed out that of 9 parking stands in the airport, 4 are reserved for operating daily flights. The helicopter flight will not affect other flights at the airport.

The Sikorsky S-92A helicopter, with a length of 20.88 meters, wingspan of 17.17 meters, and gross weight of 11.86 tons, can serve for 19 passengers at a time.

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