Places to visit during spring in Kunming, Chuxiong, Yuxi, Qujing

A girl takes photos at Kunming Suburb Park. []



Route I:

1. Kunming Suburb Park: it is time for enjoying peach blossom at the park. The 13th Peach blossom Festival is ongoing and will last until March 31.

Admission: RMB 8/ one

Traffic: you can take bus C61 or C63 at the west station stop.

2. Jindian Temple Park: camellia exhibition.

Admission: RMB 30/one Online ticket: RMB 25/one

Best time for enjoying camellia: February-April

Traffic: Bus No.10, 142, 146, 68, 71, 76,

3. Jiaozi Snow Mountain: the mountain is carpeted with azalea blossoms now, providing tourists with a flower sea.

Admission: RMB 180/one

Best time fro enjoying: February-May

Traffic: take a minibus to Zhuanlong village at the west station stop, and then take another minibus to Wumeng County or Xueshan County.

4. Wanxichong orchard in Chenggong New District: it is the best time to enjoy pear blossom at the place. Over ten thousand mu of pear trees are planted here. And you can also have a taste of local snacks at villagers' homes.

Admission: free

Traffic: take bus No. 170 and get off at Yunnan Nationalities University (Chenggong campus)--take No.233 and get off at Wanxichong orchard.

Route II:

Anning hot spring scenic spot: spring bath

Qinglongxia Scenic Spot: forest landscape

Wanfoshan Scenic Spot: plantation, vacational village

Jiafengshan Scenic Spot: alpine meadow, wild flower, primeval forest, etc. It is located in northwest of Fumin County.

Traffic: drive along Kunlu (Kunming-Luquan County) Highway and turn left at Jiafeng Road. You will get there after 9-kilometers unsurfaced road.

Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture

Route I:

Wutaishan Scenic Spot: magnificent forest landscape; 3 Miao villages and 1 Yi villages.

Snacks: mutton hot-pot.

Traffic: drive north for 1 hour after you arrived in Lufeng County.

Accomodation: there are two inns in the scenic spot. Some will also choose camp.

Route II:

Baixichong village: you can pick fresh strawberry there. There are 300 mu of strawberry crop in total.

Best time for picking: December-June

Traffic: drive west from downtown Chuxiong. It takes one about 10 minutes.

Yuxi City

Route I:

Mopanshan National Forest Park: over 100000 cherry blossoms are waiting for you here. Azalea will also began to put forth their blossoms from March 8. It has been listed as one of the national forest parks in China since 1992. Meadows, forests, lakes, flowers, wild animals here form a fantastic landscape for people. Mopan Mountain is a primeval forest of broad-leaved evergreen, with a stumpage accumulation of 443059.2 cubic meters and a forest coverage of 64.2%.

Ailao Mountain: sea of clouds, terrace.

Route II:

Xiushan Mountain in Tonghai: it used to be one of the famous four mountains in Yunnan in Ming Dynasty.

Traffic: one can drive along these following highways: Kunshi (Kunming-Shilin) Highway, Kunyu (Kunming-Yuxi) Highway, Yujiang (Yuxi-Jiangchuan) Highway, Xingjiang Road and 214 provincial roads. It takes about two hours.

Accommodation: hotels in Tonghai County. Price: RMB 50-200/one

Qujing City

Route I:

Zhanyi Haifeng wetland: karst landform, habitat for migratory bird.

Pearl River Scenic Spot

Yehuagou in Malong County

Route II:

Luliang County: sand sculpture

Shizong County: azalea blossoms

Luoping: best time for enjoying cole flowers.

Snacks: spicy chicken, leek flower, honey, fried noodles.

Traffic: It takes about 4 hours to Luoping from Kunming by bus. The ticket price is less than 60 yuan. You can also take a train there.

The transportation in the county is convinent. You can call and stop a bus wherever you see it. You can bargin if you take a taxi. It takes about 10 yuan to take a taxi downtown Luoping to Luoping Railway Station.



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