Fenghuang mountain in Dali: courier station of migrant birds

Photo shows workers of the protection station on birds banding, Nanjian County, Yunnan. [Photo/Ma Shanshan]
A worker is placing a metal band around the leg of an migrant bird. Bird banding is a method of applying a numbered band to the ankle of a captured bird before releasing them into the wild. [File photo]
Fenghuang mountain, north of Wuliang Mountains, is 40 kilometers from Nanjian County of Dali in Yunnan Province. With an elevation of about 2380 meters, the mountain has been a main channel for bird migration since old days.

In 1999, experts from the country's Bird Banding Center and Yunnan University came to the mountain for the first time, to start their research on bird banding. The first work station of bird banding was established since then. Bird banding is a method of applying a numbered band to the ankle of a captured bird before releasing them into the wild. By collecting the "ID" cards (numbered band ), it is easier for one to find out the migratory pathways of different birds, so as to better protect wild birds.

About 50,000 marked birds have been released into the wild after the work station was established. Xu Jiawu, head of the station, introduced that species of birds that were marked by the station workers has reached about 160 till now. From simple tents to small houses, the work station has become the courier station for ornithologists and birds enthusiasts.

According to statistics, there are 236 species of migrant birds flying pass Wuliang Mountians, accounting for 95% of the province's total. And most of them are wading bird, such as heron and egret.

"Through a long period of observation, we found that there are over millions of birds flying past here every year. Some of them are so beautiful and are rare to see," said an local official who is in charge of birds-catching. "Besides, as the work on the bird catching has been strengthened in the past few years, people who hunt for birds are also getting fewer and fewer now." he added.

"The Fenghuang mountain has always been a main passageway for birds migration. Moreover, with lush forests, special geographic location and climate, it is also an ideal place for the research of birds banding and is expected to be one of the most important birds research bases in China.", said professor Wang fro Yunnan University.

A slogan which says "protect ecology" is painted on wall in a village of Nanjian County. [File photo]

Ficedula parva.

Siberian Blue Robin.

Scarlet Finch.

Pitta nympha.

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