Martial arts show to be held in Kunming

Sha Junjie, Sha Guozheng's son shows martial arts on July 10. [Xinhua]

To commemorate Chinese Kongfu Master Sha Guozheng (沙国政), Kunming Sha Guozheng Martial Arts Hall is going to hold a martial arts show from August 4 to 6.

It is said that commemorative activity will be separated into two parts, including martial arts show and artist program. Master Sha Guozheng's disciples, kongfu enthusiasts from Japan, Thailand, Singapore, Germany, France and UK, inheritors of Tai Chi, Hsing-Yi Quan and Wu-Tang Clan as well as Su Zifang, Hu Baolin, Chinese martial arts champions will get together in Kunming to give wonderful martial arts show. In addition, organizers will also invite well-known artists to show unique ethnic folk cultures of Yunnan.

Brief introduction of Master Sha Guozheng:

Sha Guozheng (1904-1993) is a senior martial arts coach and the expert of Orthopedic Surgery. He had started practicing martial arts since he was 7. He learned martial arts from many famous Chinese Kongfu masters and was proficient in Tai Chi, Bagua-zhang, Hsing-Yi Quan and Tongbei Quan. Since he started teaching martial arts, he had had hundreds of disciples and students from domestic China or overseas, among whom more than 50 are excellent martial arts athletes. In his lifetime, Master Sha wrote many famous martial arts works, some of which have been translated into English and Japanese to be issued in foreign countries.

Sha Guozheng's disciple shows martial arts.[Xinhua]

Kongfu Master Sha Guozheng [Xinhua]

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