August 6 to see wild mushroom festival in Shiping County

A wild mushroom festival will be held on August 6 in Shiping County, Yunnan province, aiming at mushroom trading, attracting investment and promoting mushroom cuisine.

Wild mushroom is abundant in Shiping County. A competition will be held to select the best wild mushroom picked up in the county.

Besides, some celebrations will be held for the cultural reputation of ethnic group, such as Yi people's Huayao Dance (flower waist dance), dragon dance and Yanhe dance, a percussion instrument of Hani and Yi people.


Yanghe (the box containing tobacco) used to be a daily tool for Yi and Hani people living in Honghe Hani and Yi Autonomous Prefecture. People liked the water pipe made of bamboo and carried a box for shredded tobacco with them. Yi people flicked the bottom or top of the box, and it had beautiful melodies. After improvement, it became an accompaniment of musical instrument. (Editors:Lynn, Minnie Mao)

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