KFC food prices rose up in Kunming

People line up for food in KFC even prices of KFC foods have risen up since October 29 in Kunming. [File photo]

“Prices of KFC foods have risen up in Kunming!” This has sparked reactions of residents.

Pointing at the menu, some residents discussed the rise in a KFC of Kunming. Mrs. Tang, a buyer said that she found some foods were more expensive.

In another KFC shop, a worker said, “The price has risen up since October 29 in Kunming and the price- risen products mainly are chicken and drinking. Some of the products have risen up 1 yuan.” The price of “Variety Big Box Meal” has risen up 2 yuan, being the highest increase.

Being asked why the price had risen up, most workers of KFC shops said “do not know why”. Some workers thought that it might be caused by the price increase of raw materials.

According to KFC, the price has been risen up all over China. There are 2 stages of price increase: prices of hamburgers have been risen up in the end of September; prices of chicken and drinking have been increased in the end of October.

Accordingly, foods in the KFC shop nearby the airport are higher than in urban areas. KFC said that foods would be a little bit more expensive in some trading areas. In future, KFC will price the foods basing on cities’ areas and time intervals.

Mrs. Wei said, “It is reasonable to rise up a few dimes. But I expect the price will not go up often.” (Editor: Tina He)

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