Why you should visit Thailand now safe, fun, exotic and did I mention the food?


The political situation in Thailand looks, to many, like it's dangerous. It's not. Even if it does escalate into larger demonstrations than in the past few weeks, any slightly dangerous situations will be in the areas where the demonstrators are and nowhere else. It will also die down quickly (in Thai history, any problems with protests or even a military coup are pretty much over within a week and often much earlier), so it's not likely that Thailand will ever be 'dangerous'.

In fact, here are five reasons why you should come book a trip to Thailand now.

Cheap Airfares and Package Deals - After the political crisis in Thailand is over, people will not want to come to Thailand. This means, for those who are willing to come here, there will by myriads of opportunities for cheap airfares to Thailand and cheap Thailand package holidays. Right after the Asian tsunami a few years ago, my parents came to Thailand. Most people then were not willing to come. They went to Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai and Phuket. They got a cheap Thailand package deal and cheap airfares. Most of their hotels were half the price they would normally be, so they were able to stay longer and see more, while also helping the Thai economy.

Less Crowds - After a major political crisis, is one of the best times to come to Thailand. Less tourists come here so the normally-packed tourist attractions, are much quieter and easier to see. You will also get great prices on tour packages, so will definitely be able to see more during your vacation in Thailand.

Cheaper Food - Food is cheap in Thailand. After any major crisis though, the cost of food comes down even more. So, on a vacation to Thailand, you will be able to get here and stay here cheaply, and you will be able to eat for a week on the money you would spend in a day in Europe or the US. An average meal in Thailand right now is 75 cents. Don't be surprised if that goes down to 50 cents by the time this political crisis is over. And Thai food is delicious.

Great Deals on Souvenirs - It's incredibly cheap to buy things in Thailand all the time. Silk, hand-carved handicrafts, shoes, DVDs, CDs, books, toys, household items, bags, clothes - everything is really cheap. But, in the last three months because of the political crisis, prices have come down about 25% on most things. Expect that drop in price to continue if you come on holiday to Thailand. So you'll be able to go home with some amazing bargains and some beautiful things.

Thais are Nice People and Extremely Hospitable to Foreigners - Even in the extreme political crisis gripping Thailand, Thais are more worried about the foreigners living here or the foreigners who are stuck here than they are about themselves. They are afraid foreigners will be scared or stressed, they feel sad that people are worried about their safety, and they worry about the foreigners' families worrying about them. If you come on holiday to Thailand, you will see the same amount of care taken of you wherever you are. Thailand is not known as the world's number 1 holiday destination for no reason.

So, if you're considering a holiday to Thailand, now is the time to do it. You'll get better deals, be able to afford to stay longer and in nicer hotels, see more sights, and be taken care of by the most hospitable people in the world. Take a once in a lifetime opportunity and book your vacation to Thailand, you certainly won't be disappointed and you'll spend a lot less money now than you will in one or two years time, when Thailand will again be the world's number one tourist destination.


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