Baiwu Village

Baiwu village is located in the northeastern of Nangu Township, Huize County. For many centuries this place was an important trading center that revolved around the copper industry. Baiwu Street was once the political, economical and cultural center of Nagu Township. Most of the ancient buildings of Nagu Township are in Baiwu Village. It has over 3,000 well-preserved dwelling houses and various kinds of ancestral halls and assembly halls as well as attracting environment.

Special features: dwelling houses, ancestral halls

How to get there: take the bus running from Kunming to Huize County (27 yuan) then take bus from Huize County to Nagu Town (10 yuan), followed by a tricycle (3 yuan).

Tips: 1. Huize County has many hotels, such as Huize Hotel, Tianhe Hotel;

2. The Technology of Variegated-Copperware is the most famous specialty of Baiwu Village.

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