Join the waste sorting literary works collection activity and win big prize

Waste sorting is closely related to each one of us. When speaking of waste sorting, maybe the majority of people are willing to share their opinions or nice stories. In order to further promote waste sorting and achieve tangible results, a literary works collection activity, jointly launched by Kunming Urban Management Bureau and Kunming Information Hub, officially kicked off.

This activity is open to all walks of life. No matter you are good at literature, photography, drama or handicraft production, you can submit your works under the theme of waste sorting to participate in this activity. They can be articles, records, videos, posters, photography works and so on. It is required that the theme of the works should be positive and close to life. It is better if the works are presented with Yunnan characteristics. Of course, plagiarism is strictly prohibited and works cannot be published before.

From now until March 1st 2021, people can participate in the activity by uploading works on the application Cailong Club (Chinese:彩龙社区) with the hashtag “垃圾分类主题作品征集”. From March 2nd 2021 to June 1st 2021, all the works will be evaluated according to the mode of online voting and offline evaluation, in which the score of online voting accounts for 60% of the final score, and the offline evaluation accounts for 40%. After the evaluation, four levels of awards will be selected: the first prize, the second prize, the third prize and excellent awards. From June 5th to September 1st, awarded works will be presented to the public.

The first prize will be given to one participant with a honorary certificate and 3,000 rmb; the second prize will be given to two participants and each can get a honorary certificate and 2,000 rmb; the third prize will be given to three participants and each can get a honorary certificate and 1,000 rm; the excellent prize will be given to ten participants and each can get a honorary certificate and 500 rmb. Anyway, just come and join this activity.

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