"Red cultures" glitter at Chinese ACG expo

[InKunming--China] "Red cultures" with the themes including patriotism and Chinese histories glittered at China International Comics Festival Expo, which was held in Guangzhou, capital of south China's Guangdong Province from Wednesday to Sunday.

A large number of Chinese original ACG (animation, comic and games) products were exhibited at the event. A cartoon, "Rising of Youth China," tells the history of the May 4th Movement in China, a patriotic campaign launched in 1919 by young Chinese to fight imperialism and feudalism.

The comic is currently popular on the Kuaikan Comics platform, one of the biggest comic websites in China, with more than 40 million readers and nearly 100,000 likes received. It also won the 16th China Animation and Comic Competition Golden Dragon Award this year.

Besides, numbers of works such as "The Leader" that celebrates the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx's birth were also welcomed by visitors.

"The 5,000-year-old culture of the Chinese nation and history of 70 years since the founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC) are endless treasure. They are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for the Chinese animation," said Lai Chunhui, head of Guangzhou Comicfans Culture Co. Ltd.

The game experience area also attracted many visitors. A mobile game about the history of scientific research projects in China has won 10 points on the TapTap, a Chinese mobile games sharing platform.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the PRC, red-themed mobile games and PC game development are showing an upward trend, said Zhang Jieheng, an official with the Guangdong Entertainment and Game Industry Association.

The development of red-themed game will become a major trend in game industry in the next few years, Zhang added.

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