Hetaoqing: land of idyllic beauty in Kunming


[InKunming--KunmingA Yi village with only 42 families in the outskirts of Kunming is a land of idyllic beauty that only existing in literature, attracting a large number of tourists to experience country life. The village is located in Xishan district of Kunming city, and plants a lot of walnut, so it is named Hetaoqing (walnut valley).



The walnut trees are laden with green walnuts everywhere in July. A stream of pure spring water floats down into the village. Walk along the stone path, you will see a vast rice field with green, purple, red, and white color rice planted in, as if to draw pictures. These pictures show that a Yi girl wearing traditional Yi costumes rests her head on her arm, several “seagulls” around her. This designed rice painting was created by 167 villagers in May this year. 



The unique natural scenery and Yi nationality culture have attracted many tourists these years. They come here for outing and enjoying the scenery. They climb on the mountains and overlooking the colorful rice field. Some of them roll up the trouser and jump into the field to catch fish and shrimp.

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