Working hard in making handicrafts, thumbs up for them

[InKunming--Kunming] As the television play named Story of Yanxi Palace went popular recently, exquisite accessories and elegant jewelry have draw much attention, and some of them are traditional handicrafts. It is acknowledged that this craftsmanship is usually in the hands of a small number of “old craftsmen" and young people rarely dabble in. In fact, there is a group of students from Kunming University of Science and Technology learning this craftsmanship and hoping to innovate and develop it.


The picture shows the hairpin and metal perfume sachet designed and made by students from Kunming University of Science and Technology. 


In teaching practice, except for designing and making popular and modern jewelry at this time, teachers and students also pay attention to the inheritance and innovation of traditional crafts. The picture shows the ancient style hairpin designed and made by them.


Yang Jingran, a faculty member of Kunming University of Science and Technology, introduced the college focuses on cultivating students’ practical ability. Practical courses account for about 55% of all. The picture shows students making sorts of jewelry in the training room.


The picture shows jewelry made by using crafts of jewelry floriation. The craftsman Hou Lin said that this craft skill requires time and patience. Generally speaking, beginners have to take three months to finish a piece of work.


In order to make a great work, students should get all the preparatory work done well, including drawing designing chart, selecting materials and tools and learning some related knowledge.


Drawing is a necessary skill for the students. The picture shows that a student is carefully drawing his crafts in class.


A crew of a play have visited them and invited them to make accessories because they want to produce a television play about stories happened in Qing Dynasty. The picture shows one of the jewellery.


Xie Junjie, a young teacher, devotes himself to the inheritance and innovation of the enamels technology. "Records of this field can be counted on the fingers of one hand. I have failed lots of times until I gradually master it.”he said. The picture shows a piece of work made by Xie Junjie.


Jewelry making is very boring but delicate, and sometimes students sit down to do it. When they stand up, a few hours have fleet away.


This is the designing chart made by students. Glancing at it, people cannot help to admire the beauty of ancient jewelry.


In the training room, a student marks and calculates the size of the jewelry on the blackboard.


The picture shows the hand-made exquisite jewelry.


The picture shows students making jewelry in front of the workroom  in the training room.


The picture shows the exquisite jewelry designed by students, and enamel technology is used.

Anyway, a fine piece of jewelry means countless sweat behind it and it is way beyond people’s imagination. As Rabindranath Tagore puts it, “Only experienced a hellish experience , to condensed out of the creation of heaven force . Only through the blood of finger , can play out in the world alongside.” Those who wear exquisite jewelry are supposed to respect those craftsmen. (pics from Zhou Yaping of Xinhua)

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