Several places to celebrate Water-Sprinkling festival in mid-April in Yunnan

[InKunming--Yunnan] The Water-Sprinkling festival is a traditional festival of Dai nationality to greet the Lunar New Year. Usually, the festival takes place in the middle of April and lasts for three or seven days. It is not only a festival celebrating by Dai nationality, but also a carnival attracting people around China. Here comes specific information and schedule about the festival.

April 8th to 9th, Taiping Town Yingjiang County

Taiping Town, Yingjiang County, is an important courier station of the Ancient Southern Silk Road. It will celebrate Water-Sprinkling festival from April 8th, which is the first place to start a series of interesting activities in Dehong Autonomous Prefecture.

April 10th to 12th, Yingjiang County

Yingjiang county will hold annual Water-Sprinkling festival in the center of the county. Meanwhile, local people will perform their traditional dance (光帮鼓舞). Visitors can appreciate different customs and cultures of Dai people.

April 11th to 13th, Mangshi City

As Mangshi is the capital city of Dehong Autonomous Prefecture, it is always the busiest spot to spend Water-Sprinkling festival for a large number of tourists joining in the event.

The first activity is scheduled at Santai Mountain on April 11th. Visitors can taste local cuisines on the spot, and it is better to book a reservation at an official hotel early.

As for transportation, people from a far distant place should directly take airplane to Mangshi City. Those who want to have a self-driving tour are supposed to choose a convenient route in advance.

April 13th to 15th Ruili

Ruili will celebrate Water-Sprinkling festival from April 13th to 15th. It is a national port and important border trade city. At present, the festival in Ruili is becoming an international activity where different nationalities in colorful costume sprinkle water to each other to pray for good fortune.

Besides Dehong, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture, Lincang City and other places will hold the similar activities to observe water-sprinkling festival.

It is worth noting that the purpose of the festival is to have fun with each other. All the participants should respect ethnic customs and splash clean water in a civilized way.

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