Yunlong County organizes series of activities on the theme of Taichi and pear blossom

[InKunming--Yunnan] 2018 Yunlong County Taichi Culture Tourism & Tianchi Ten Thousand Mu Pear Flower Week officially kicked off on the 31st of March. A series of activities will be held during three days, including a photography competition, a bicycle hill climb racing, a juicy peach donation ceremony, pear trees subscription, an exhibition about achievements of ecological civilization construction, a symposium on poverty alleviation, Taichi walking and Taichi performance.

Opening ceremony of “Taichi - Tianchi” Bicycle Hill Climb Racing was first held in Nuodeng Village, Yunlong County. Contestants from Tebiet, Sichuan, Guizhou and other provinces of China took part in the racing. Racing track was established among mountains, lakes and vast blooming pear trees, which enabled contestants to enjoy cycling as well as to admire magnificent landscapes of Yunlong County.

Hereafter, the opening ceremony of 2018 Yunlong County Taichi Culture Tourism & Tianchi Ten Thousand Mu Pear Flower Week was held in the pear garden of Tianchi. Some famous Datuanmi juicy peach trees was donated by Pudong New District of Shanghai to Yunlong County with the aim of poverty alleviation.

Besides, plentiful performances were presented on the opening ceremony. For example, a local art troupe performed Chuichuiqiang drama, a characteristic artistic form of Bai ethnic group. The drama, which was called New Look of Village, illustrated a lively picture of local people pursuing well-off live through hard working. Various local agricultural products and refreshments were also exhibited on site.

Duan Dongmei, the Party Secretary of Yunlong County, gave an introduction to Yunlong County on the opening ceremony. Yunlong County has a history of over 2,000 years and possesses profound ethnic culture such as Chuichuiqiang Drama and so on. Nuodeng Village, which is crowned as one of the national historic and cultural villages in China, is located in Yunlong County. Tianchi, a national nature reserve, and an inartificial diagram of the universe, a peculiar landscape spectacle, are also located in the county. Meanwhile, the county has rich culture brands, including the China Bridge History Museum, as well as five local specialty agricultural products, such as Yunlong Tea, Nuodeng Ham and so on.

Duan said, holding the series activity is aimed at making friends and showing natural scenery and colorful culture to the world. Based on name cards such as “diagram of the universe in Yunlong” and “ten thousand mu of pear tree garden in Tianchi”, Yunlong County will speed up the pace of developing ecological leisure agriculture and cultural tourism. In the meantime, the county will actively explore new modes of industrial poverty alleviation, and will comprehensively implement the strategy of rural rejuvenation. With all the forces, the county will finally promote leap-forward development, overcome poverty and achieve the rural overall well-to-do society.

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