Kunming to open straight flight between Kunming and Paris

[InKunming--Kunming] The first direct flight connecting Kunming, the spring city in Southwest China, and Paris, the renowned romantic city in France, is expected to be opened this year. At the same time, Kunming may start 72-hour visa-free stay service in June, Yunnan Airport Group said on April 10.

First Kunming-Paris direct air route to be opened within the year

The long-awaited Kunming-Paris direct air route is expected to be launched in the year, which is also the first intercontinental flight course in Yunnan, as well as the first direct intercontinental flight in Southwest region of China.

A market analysis of potential passengers showed that Kunming has lots of passengers traveling between the city and European countries. Among them, Paris is one of the biggest destinations.

At presents, Shuangliu Airport of Chengdu has opened several intercontinental flight courses flying from Chengdu to cities in Europe, America and Oceania, such as Amsterdam of Netherlands, Frankfurt of Germany, London of England, etc. However, Kunming hasn’t opened such an intercontinental air route until now.

Besides the Kunming-Paris air route that to be opened within the year, Kunming is also trying hard to usher in more intercontinental flight courses. More new routes might to be launched in 2015.

Kunming may launch 72-hour visa-free stay policy in June

So far, Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Dalian, and Chongqing have already launched 72-hour visa-free service. Kunming is expected to launch the same service on June 1 this year.

By then, foreigners will be allowed to stroll about Kunming without visas in 72 hours after their arrivals, which may greatly boost local tourism development and boost exchanges with the world. It is predicted that with the policy , more foreign airlines would like to open international air routes in the city.

Changshui International Airport stays competitive

According to data of passenger throughput in 2013, Kunming Changshui International Airport is ranked in the 7th place around the country, 2 rankings behind the place of the Chengdu Shuangliu Airport.

“Changshui airport has positioned itself as a national aviation portal.”said an official of the Yunnan Airport Group. In fact, Changshui Airport has enjoyed exceptional regional advantages, since it also connects China with the Southeast Asian countries. At the same time, Yunnan has boasted its rich tourist resources, which has attracted lots of non-local tourists. To stay competitive, Changshui airport has to fully make use of these advantages.

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